Lemongrass Spa

Untitled design (9)Where a Spa Moment is almost as good as a Spa Day.

Imagine you own a luxurious, fresh, clean and natural handmade spa.  This spa has skin enhancing body scrubs, lotions, icings and butters; facial polish, masks, and anti-aging moisturizers; relaxing foot soaks, scrubs and balms; organic essential oils, and aromatherapy bath salts and massage bars.  This spa is convenient and accessible in every moment of your life.

This is Lemongrass Spa.

Lemongrass Spa brings the luxury, relaxation, and natural skin care home to you.  Our quality products are handmade in small batches so they are fresh and nourishing to your body.

I used to create essential oil blends and experimented with creating natural bath salts, balms and crèmes.  I was introduced to Lemongrass Spa and I fell in love.  My creations didn’t come close to the quality offered by this company and I just had to be a part of it.

Our products are:
** Natural & Organic
** Gluten-free
** Paraben-free
** Phthalate-free
** Sulfate-free
** SLS-free
** Isopropyl alcohol-free

3 Ways to Find Out More
  1. Contact me ask about our products and opportunities.
  2. Contact me to Host a Spa Event.
  3. Visit my website.

I am so excited to share Lemongrass Spa with you because the love that is put in to these products can be felt upon first use.  And the love is contagious!

Happy Spa-ing!


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