Lighting Up, Being Seen & It’s All Good

Do what turns you on. What lights you up. What ignites your passion. What boils you up like a teapot… in a good way. Whatever it is that inspires life within you to bubble up to the surface until there is no where to go but out…. do THAT.
It really is that simple.  WE always want to complicate things.  We always want the answers to be more substantive. To carry more weight. To be something we can ponder on for eternity… because then we can let our fear continue to take us over. But that is not truth.
The truth is that you were made to light up. You were made for pleasure and ecstasy and excitement and bliss.
Yes, we hear you. You say, “Well, we experience pain and loss and despair, as well, so we must be made for that tool.” And we say, yes, it is true.  You were made to experience the SPECTRUM of emotion. You came here to EXPERIENCE. The particulars of that experience is really up to you. How you interpret that experience is really up to you.  We also say to you that you have experienced the range of emotion and feeling states you identify as pain and suffering for eons. For thousands of years your ancestors, all the way to your current lifetime, have experienced the gamut in terms of ways to experience pain and suffering.
So, we say to you… Yes, you were designed to FEEL, and that includes pain. And then we say, how much better to experience the pleasure that comes when you realize that you have experienced the pain in all your lifetimes and your ancestors’ lifetimes that you could possibly experience?  Don’t you think it’s about time you explore the depths of pleasure available to you now? Would you take that offer?
We understand that you have recently been going through transformation. For some of you, this process has been long and it has been slow. And we commend you on your resolve and determination to follow through with this journey. There is always a choice and to choose this path is not the easy path as some would think. In fact, it can be quite difficult, and bring up feelings of loneliness and pain as you continue to clear your energy fields and reprogram a NEW programming. We see you. We see you clearly and we are with you always.
The experience for you recently has not been an easy one. You have felt at many times abandoned by your own faith and trust in Infinite Source. We are here to assure you that you are NEVER alone. You are NEVER abandoned. And there are many, many forces operating at all levels to assist you and all of humanity into the next phase of this journey.
Please understand that this is a collective journey.  You may have felt alone, but you can never be alone as you are an intricate and inseparable part of the whole fabric of the universe.  We understand this sounds light and fluffy and nice in theory, but you have jobs, and bills, and families to take care of. And there is war and famine and hatred and stupidity all around you. WE see this. We see and we know.
YOU know, somewhere in your consciousness, unattached from these stories, that though these conditions exist in your world, they are not truth. They are not YOUR truth.  And YOU know, somewhere in your consciousness, unattached from these stories, that YOU can operate and live and create in a reality that is in all ways protected from that particular reality.
We understand that these concepts and ideas are hard to swallow. Understand that this is because you have spent thousands of years in a world that has sought to create a reality for you in which you are completely cut off from universal truth and awareness. You have been conditioned in and have been operating in a reality designed to disempower and exploit you by feeding your the perception that you are less than what you truly are. WE see you. And all of our channels and messages and the multitude of ways we use to reach out to you is simply to remind you.
You CAN remember.  You CAN recall and recover. You CAN reclaim your power and strength and wisdom and truth of YOU. There are many tools.. There are many guides.  There are many ways to this point. But every single path begins with one step. And that is Desire. A desire to remember, to recall, to recover, to reclaim. A desire to simply know more. A desire for truth. A desire for justice. A desire for love. Any desire for more of something you can’t seem to put your finger on. That’s the first step. And the second is simply of follow-through with the first. Asking. Awareness. Action. Asking. Awareness. Action. Opening up head, heart, and hands to whatever flows through, trusting that it is there to meet your desire.
Also, know that this is a PROCESS.  This is not a quick fix to a perceived broken life. There is no such thing, beloveds.  There is no such thing. This is a journey. It is a process. And there are so many stops, and stories, and lessons, and laughs, and adventures along the way towards….. On the way towards Home. Because that is where we all go.  We always cycle back home only to go out again to expand some more, only to cycle back, like an Expanding Cosmic Yo-yo.
Lastly, we want to tell you that “It’s all good.” It really really is. And we say this with a smile and a chuckle as we send you the vision of a surfer dude saying “It’s all good, man.” Or maybe like Cheech and Chong. It’s all good, beloveds. It’s all good. Though it may be hard to hear, it’s all good. Though it may look like something opposite, it’s all good. Close your eyes and drop your awareness into your heart as you take a deep breath there…. It’s all good.
In love and truth, always.
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