I am Complete – Journey Through the Chakras

Can you feel it?
Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. Maybe all you feel is a headache. Maybe you feel nothing at all.
Whatever it is, it’s OK. Whatever it is, there is a choice moving forward. And personally, I’m ready to move.
I’ve been feeling “IT” coming on for quite some time. Sometimes subtle. Sometimes not-so-subtle. Never really being able to put my finger on what “it” is, but knowing – in my depths – that “it” is something big.
I’ve been sitting in and exploring this feeling, this intuition, for quite some time. Over the past year and a half I have been experiencing very real, and very powerful, and yet very subtle shifts within my reality. I have had shifts in many areas of my life. Experiences I would have never imagined. Opportunities for growth and learning. Falling away of old relationships. The forging of new ones. Refinement of lasting ones. Opening up to travel, and spiritual work, and creative projects. I’ve spent time in my darkest shadows, and deepest desires. I’ve spent time in high vibratory states of pleasure and ecstasy and freedom.
I was gifted with all of this, and I have received it wholeheartedly.
I am here now, ever more aware that there is so much more. None of those experiences were “it”, and yet, each and every one of them were “it.”
I am here now. Ready for more healing. Ready for more opening. Ready for more giving and more receiving.
And when we are ready, the Universe responds. Believe me.
Personally, I have (or so I have always identified with the idea that I have) had challenges with commitment. Whether it was fully committing to a lover, or a project, or following through on a simple idea, I was a pro at imagining it and playing it all out to completion in my head. Of course, being a Gemini only adds to the intensity of this airy-ness. Quite literally, for me, the thought alone was enough.  I was fairly satisfied with fliting about, living in my head, and never really fully hitting the ground, let alone passing any finish line. To drive the point home, I rarely ever finish a book. So obviously there’s something to this. And the Universe thought so, too.
So recently, as I asked for more of “it” by simply being open to whatever inspiration I was touched with, I was presented with an opportunity. “It” – this time- is an opportunity to challenge my commitment. To really stick with something. Something that is coming from within. Something that has the potential to open me to even more of “it” in so many ways. Something that may help other people experience their own flavor of “it.” Something big.
Starting Sunday, November 19, I will be spending 7 weeks Journeying Through the Chakras.
By using:
Journaling & Reflection
Food & Herbs 
Energy Healing (with Crystals, Color/Light, Sound, etc.)
and (of course) Ceremony,
we’ll be:
and Activating each of the main 7 Chakras.
Starting with the Root chakra on week 1, and moving up one chakra each week all the way to the Crown on week 7.
I knew this was a go because it feels exciting, and easy, and fun, and like there is something special waiting for me on the other side. I have NONE of it planned, but I feel full and ready. It feels very differently than other times I have planned events or projects last minute. It doesn’t feel forced or scary.
And the timing is perfect. It starts the day after the November New Moon (new beginnings) and ends the week of the first  January Full Moon (completion of a cycle). It’s a perfect transition into the New Year and a New Perspective!
One of my favorite (and only planned, to date) aspects of this journey is the yoga poses dedicated to each chakra.  They come from the #aprilshowerschallenge I participated in earlier this year THAT I NEVER FINISHED! Hello commitment…Here I come!
I will be posting daily on Instagram (@NaturalSpaJess) and Facebook (Dandelion Bouquet fan page) a mix of inspiration, “assignments”, reflections, insights, and practical suggestions to help us journey through that week’s chakra.  Depending on my available technology I may do LIVE ceremonies on Facebook each week.  If I cannot do LIVE videos I will be posting recorded videos via my YouTube channel (@NaturalSpaJess).
This Journey Through the Chakras is an opportunity to ground the energy of REBIRTH many of us have been feeling for some time.
I know for me, personally, it can be difficult to really feel integrated and aligned with new and higher frequencies when I am not engaged in a daily practice or accountability or “check-in” of some kind. I can otherwise get lost in the transitioning energies and lose my footing, forgetting the bigger picture.
By deeply, and practically, grounding and diving into our personal energy field as the year ends, and then emerging into the next year head first (hello Crown chakra!), we can create our own Rebirth experience. We can enter the new year with a new perspective, a new life, and with our chakras aligned, our energy field strong, and a fresh and confident grasp of our personal power.
I am super excited to take this journey with you (and myself) and see what we can see!
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