Fun & Play – Integrating the Inner Child

Hello Beloveds, so this week I wasn’t sure I was even going to do a Group Healing Ceremony as the messaging from last week (7/26) was so powerful and there was SO MUCH information that I felt like maybe we all needed time to integrate it all.  But I was guided to move forward. I thought, “Okay. Then maybe it’ll just end up being more healing and less messaging.” Boy was I wrong. There was significantly less visuals and span of messaging this week, but what we did receive was pretty loud and clear.
Much like last week, I have a video already recorded for you, but my limited technology is taking it’s sweet time to allow me to process that for you to view. So, again I’m practicing patience and allowing the Angels of Google to work their perfectly timed magic.  And I’ll simply lay out the main messages and themes presented during the ceremony like I did last week.  Feel free to comment, or drop me a line (via letting me know what of this resonates with you. And if you did participate (directly) in the ceremony Wednesday night I’d love to hear any insights or experiences you may have had.  As always, may this serve you with Great Love and Light.
  • I AM Fun – We are being LOUDLY guided to incorporate more Fun and Play and Joy into our everyday lives. Many of us grew up thinking that fun = play = NOT serious = NOT productive = NOT IMPORTANT. We were told to be kids and have fun, but don’t have too much fun. Many of us were stopped or even scolded for playing too hard and having fun, being too loud, being too risky, being too boisterous, too- too- too much.  Once we got to school we were told time and time again that WORK comes first, then play. Dinner first, then dessert. Work was serious and important and was to be accomplished FIRST in order to have the REWARD of Fun. We come into this world open, and joyful, and curious, and accepting, and playful, and seeking EVERYTHING connected to fun and joy and love… but our experiences of shame, guilt, pain, or trauma related to our natural play and expressions of joy and love caused us to develop of fear and aversion to Fun and Play.  Many of us, as adults, do not know HOW to have fun. Many of us do not know how to truly play in the world, and explore, and engage with curiousity and lightness. The idea of that seems too risky as it is intricately tied to conditioned beliefs and ideas about Work and Play.
  • We are being called to dive deep into our childhood experiences of play and fun.  To not only excavate those activities and experiences that caused us great Joy and Excitement, but to also sift through the experiences that caused us to shut out those very important and vital experiences of Play and Creativity and Fun.  RELEASE shame, pain, trauma, and guilt associated with your conditioned beliefs about Fun and Play.  Let those old stories go. And then create new, more joyful and playful ones.
  • Fun will INTEGRATE upper/lower chakras; male/female aspects; and cycles. By INFUSING your life with Fun (of all & any kind) you will help clear channels of creativity and vitality and healing. Duality, as we have experienced it thus far in a way that has caused us SEPARATION, will begin to merge into ONENESS. Work can be FUN. Serious things can be Playful. Cycles of Humanity will be free, and flowing, and clear. Even “negative” experiences will begin to lose their sting.
  • What is FUN? Fun used to be confined to places and times like recess, amusement park, playgrounds, skating rinks, movie theaters  etc.  We can now begin to RE-define what fun is and what it looks like. This will require us to LET KIDS BE THEMSELVES. Kids will teach us how to have fun again.  If we let them. Let them. No longer set arbitrary boundaries and limitations around fun and play based on outdated ideas and beliefs.  Safety is important, yes. But make sure it’s ACTUAL physical safety and not a prevention of a perceived fear based on past experiences. Our anxieties/hangups/fears will POUR onto our children. Try not to limit their fun and play. And play WITH them. Let them guide you. They are safe because most of the time they haven’t yet developed limited beliefs about fun and play.  You can just be silly and they will allow you to.
  • Kids NEED to be able to experience CONTRAST.  Most kids like to play with contrasting ideas. Cops and Robbers. Good guys and bad guys. Boys and Girls. Parent and Child. Some like to play with toy weapons. Some like to pretend to hurt or be hurt by others.  This, understandably so, worries some adults. We project their present onto their future. We do no have to do this. Instead, understand that their exploration with these ideas are giving them fuel for understanding the world. Their experience of Contrast is allowing them to know what feels good and what doesn’t.  It’s best to let them play with and explore these concepts NOW, as children under the supervision and guidance of caring adults, rather than to explore and experiment with these ideas as adults who WILL have dire consequences.
  • REBIRTH YOURSELF**** You now have the permission to LET GO of the past. Take what you need, accept and release the rest. YOU are now the parent of YOU. And you are 100% capable of Fun & Responsibility at the same time. You can Balance Fun with Responsibility. Play with Work. Creativity and Care for the world/others. You are NOW both the Parent and Child of You simultaneously.  Create your Desired Reality.  You have the contrasting experiences to base that on.  You know what feels good and what doesn’t. Use those as fodder to build the Life of Your Dreams.
  • ** Alternate Nose Breathing ** (Check out future post for this tutorial or do a quick search.  Learning this easy and FREE technique will help IMMENSELY with all sorts of Integration and Healing.
  • Don’t take contrasting experiences too seriously. Don’t take Humanity too seriously. Don’t take Spirituality too seriously. Kids would PLAY, DO PLAY with all of this. PLAY PLAY PLAY.
  • Sexuality – Addressing this and any issues/trauma/fears/insecurities around sexuality WILL HELP free ALL CHANNELS of creativity, fun and play.  It is INTRICATELY CONNECTED.
  • Main Message: Bring Fun into every aspect of life. Doesn’t have to be a fiery fun. Rambunctious and Loud and Active. It can be a Calm Joy. A LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS. It’s Playful Air that Stokes the Fires of Creativity.
  • CARDS: Willow and Romance (Reversed)- If you are in a relationship, you are not seeing it accurately at the current moment. There is more there that you aren’t seeing due to negativity and SERIOUSNESS. If you are not in a relationship and want to be, your negativity is blocking your ability to find the romance and/or relationships (of any kind) you seek.  The veils are parting and if you clear your energy and start to see the positivity in your life (ie. PLAY MORE), the relationships you desire will appear. AINE (Leap of Faith)- Trust in Your Ability to BE and have FUN. You are safe to take playful risks and explore and choose to follow your heart. MONKEY & MOOSE – Confirmation of Play and Responsibility. Child and Parent. Innovation/Invention/Imagination and Grounded Authority. PAGE OF WATER – Dolphins and Whales and Water in this picture (a continuation of last week’s message). A new person. A new phase. Increased psychic awareness. Awakening. NEWNESS and Dreaming and Intuition and Creativity. Let your heart-centered emotions and especially your positive feelings regarding play and fun guide you!
In love and light, always <3
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