Honoring the Cycles – Water, Fire, and the Sands of Time

Hello Friends, so Wednesday night’s Remote Group Healing Ceremony was pretty epic. There was A LOT of information provided, as well as a whole visual story that played out for us throughout. I spelled it out for us in a video that ended up being about an hour long (unedited) and which is now taking it’s time in being available for me to edit and upload for you to watch. So, per usual, I am honoring this whole process and I hope to have that available for you via YouTube before next week’s Ceremony. But as we all know…everything happens when it happens and exactly the way and time it’s supposed to happen. So stay tuned for that!
In the meantime… I wanted to at least give you the jist of the messaging we received. And I’ll do it in a simple bulleted form. That way all the elements are there and you can simply take with you what resonates. So here goes:
  • 58 – this number made an appearance multiple times the day of Ceremony and wanted to be acknowledged. I encourage you to look up the meaning if this number resonates with you. The main message of 58 is that of creativity and abundance. New endeavors, projects, ideas, jobs, and opportunities that present themselves to you in the coming days will be opportunities for financial gain and prosperity. This is most certainly an opportune time to pursue any thing that your heart leads you to as it will bring you great rewards in the near future.
  • Elimination, releasing and cleansing – we are encouraged to honor the cycles of death and rebirth and at this time especially to be Fearless in our releasing of the old and eliminating that which is no longer serving us. There is no shame and no judgment in our humanity and in our experience of these Cycles. In fact it is imperative and a part of the whole process of our experience on this planet. It is time to make room for the new through cleansing and clearing out old, stagnant energy and aspects of our current lives.
  • Water- again water made a MAJOR appearance during this ceremony and wanted to especially encourage us to find pure sources of water in it’s full integrity. Water has a major influence on our bodily functions and systems and it is of utmost importance that we consume water that is free of inorganic minerals and compounds and debris. Just as water helps in our physical elimination process and cleansing it does the same for our emotional and mental processes. We are being asked to not underestimate any longer or take for granted the importance of water as a resource and in our lives. {Findaspring.com as an amazing resource to locate natural and clean Springs in your local area.}
  • Kidneys; the third eye/pineal gland; the endocrine system – these wanted to be mentioned. I would suggest that if any of these call out to you that you do your research on their functions and how to cleanse and purify them. Purification of body is an important theme right now. All of these are also greatly affected positively by making sure a clean and pure water source is being consumed. And they may all actually be affected negatively by continuing to consume water from tap and municipal water sources, or sources that have not been verified as pure and of Integrity. By Integrity we mean that it has retained its pure form, crystalline structure, and that it’s molecular properties and structures have not been compromised in any way. Many of us are not scientists and cannot really test this out so again the best resource would be SPRING water Straight From the Source.
  • The importance of natural bodily processes and functions. Your body is your greatest tool for manifestation and life creation. You will not be able to sustain abundance and good fortune while taking the body for granted and by ignoring the subtle, and not-so-subtle, signs of your body. Discomfort is a sign. Aches, pains, creaks, cracks, stiffness and inflammation are all signs calling you to attention. These are “small” but they are not insignificant. They are communication from your body’s intelligence system. What is your body communicating to you?
  • How to “tune in” to your body – Pause. Breathe. When you breathe, go deeper than your lungs. Breathe into your belly. Breathe down into your root.? Inhale in through your crown and down to your heart. Exhale down through your root/feet.?
  • Try breathing through your mouth with your mouth slightly open. This helps to open and loosen the jaw. Many of us tend to tighten this area unconsciously. Loosening and clearing this area will aid in Communication, Expression, and Manifestation – as the SPOKEN WORD is your Creative Power.
  • We were “gifted” with the element of Fire – to amplify the release and burning away of what no longer serves, what we no longer need, and what can be gifted and transmuted back into the ether. There were three groups regarding the use of this fire. 1- Some of us were throwing things into the fire. Tossing away the things that we were comfortable with letting go of and releasing. 2- Some of us were being ANOINTED by the fire. They trusted the Fire to touch them and burn off the old. They allowed the fire to do the work for them. 3- The last group was GIVEN the fire. These souls were ready for INITIATION. They were ready to take on the power of the fire, and the ability to summon fire at will in an instant. Not only to burn the old but also to burn the creative fire. You will know which group you are in intuitively based on your Readiness to release and step into your personal power at this time.
  • Sands of Time – beach sand made an appearance. It’s signifies Cycles, the Infinite, malleability, mutability, play, and creativity. It especially refers to the concept and experience of TIME. “Honor the Cycles. Things made of sand will not keep shape for long. But it always returns to sand. Honor cycles of time and shapes. Honor the “stuff things are made of”. Sand can only take form with water but it is only a “temporary life”. Or you can draw in the sand and imprint it that way but wind or wave will inevitably change the form. – sand consists of leftover bits, shell fragments, animal bones, a pieces of lands and structures lost at sea. It is very basic. And it’s a large part of the cycles of time.
  • Water – Life-giving, Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Cleansing, Purification, LOVE. Water as a “soft fuel” versus a hard fuel (sun and food). Water aids in the elimination of old gunk and static. It clears the channel of your physical body but also your spiritual body. Reactivates conductivity.
  • Use hands to channel and manipulate energy – Hand position for receiving love from all directions into your heart space: hold your hands in front of you, cross your wrists, and put the back of your hands together with your palms out and fingertips touching.
  • Animal oracles- (all water animals) Whale (Souls Purpose), Turtle (Retreat), Dolphin (Playfulness)
  • Angel Healing Cards – Truth & Integrity, Forgiveness, Abundance.— Message: it is important at this time to be truthful and in integrity regarding your heart and your Soul’s purpose. It may require you to let go of old but very active parts of your life. It may also require you to forgive yourself or others, or ask for forgiveness. Sometimes we can cause pain to others when we are not being truthful to ourselves and then have to make the step to move back into alignment. Forgive yourself, and own your shit to allow others to forgive you. This is the only way to align yourself with abundance. Clearing this channel of Truth and purpose and honoring cycles will lead to Infinite prosperity.

So much love to you. Always.

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