The Simplicity of Love

Beloveds… Dear Ones, What we wish for you to know is this… We say this so often…  We know you hear this so often but you do not yet believe it. You do not yet know it in your heart to be the truth. And that is that you are Loved.
Not only are you Loved, but you are LOVE. And those words may mean nothing to you.  Those words may have a meaning that, up to this point, has been empty.  Up to this point, has been said so many times that they mean nothing.  Those words. “LOVE.” “We love you.” But if you only knew how true, how deep, and how rich those words really are. To love. To be loved. To encompass, to embody Love is to Be ALL THAT YOU ARE.  To be fully in your Power.  To be fully in Your Essence. Of God. Of Creator. Of All That Is.
To be love is to know who you really are. Is to know your power.  Is to know what you are really capable of and what this world is capable of. You do not know this yet. You do not fully know this.  You do not believe it.  You do not Know it. But we are here to tell you that it IS truth. That you ARE love. And once you begin to breathe in that word, breathe in that truth of who you are and all you are here to be, and to do, and to become, and to create, nothing will stop you. Nothing COULD stop you.  To love is to step into the Unknown in Full FAITH, and Full TRUST that you will be protected. That you will be Well. That you will be Victorious. Because to step fully into that means there is nothing that can stop you. There is nothing that Should stop you. Because IT IS.
Such a simple, simple thing to say.  Such a simple message to give, but yet the Profoundness of it. The Depth of it. The Immensity of it is beyond you.  We wish you to know that the simplest things in your life, the simplest things, the simplest acts, the simplest practices…. THOSE are the things you need to pay attention to.  Those are the things you need to incorporate into your daily life. Those are the things you need to pay attention to embodying.
No need for complication anymore. No need to confuse or to put too much on yourselves.  To compound. To compress. There is no need for those things any longer.
It is the simple things. The simple pleasures. The simple beauties of breath. Of air. A drink of water. A meal that has been homemade. Made with loved ones.  Prepared intentionally to nourish, and to provide, and to bring on health and well being. A smile. An embrace. A kind word. A kind gesture. To move slowly, Beloveds. To move with intention and grace. These are the things you are being asked to focus on. To reprogram your being.  To make these simple things the normal. To make these simple things the everyday.  To make these simple things the New normal. To make these simple things your new default.  To reprogram your way of living in this world so that Simplicity and Grace and Beauty is what you live.
The heaviness, the doubt, the stress… all of these things you can shed. All of these things you can let go of now. The fears of the unknown… There is no need to fear. WE understand that you will fear. And we appreciate that. And we understand. Please know that your LOVE, that your ability to relish and to stand steadfast in the Simplicity of Love…THAT WILL overcome any fear that you might harbor within you. Any fear that may come across your path.  The Simplicity of Love.
Remember Beloveds, the simple things within your body. The simple things you do with your body… To help others. To help yourself. To care for others. And to care for yourself. Rest when you need rest.  Drink when you need drink. Eat, breathe, when you need to eat and breathe. Do these things. Answer the subtle yet potent call of your bodies. Answer the subtle yet potent call of those around you.  They may ask for things… you may think that they are asking for things that are complicated.  Things that require much effort and energy.  But know that all that is required is the Simplicity of Love. Open your hearts, Dear One.  Open your hearts. That is the way that you will understand these words. That is the only way that you will be able to truly understand the great power in the simplicity of these words. And the Simplicity of Love.
We love you so much.  And we are forever with you. Supporting you. Helping you learn how to open up. How to live with your heart forward and open. In order to shed the density of this 3D reality and to open and reveal the 5th dimension. To reveal a Lighter and more Loving and Simpler way of being.  In Love.
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