Protection and Honor on your Journey Home to Self

We are here with you. Always. In all ways.

We have given you so many messages, and yet, you ask for more.

We have given you so much wisdom and information and tools, and yet, you ask for more.

You ask before you have even used or truly listened to and integrated the information we have already given you.

Sweet child, You are so naive.

Dear one, we love you so much.  We hear you. We are with you always. You are NEVER alone. NEVER. Do you understand this? Do you understand that there is never a time in your life when we are not there with you?  Do you understand that even in your darkest hours, and at your most low or lonely, we are with you?

We love you so much. So much. We see you, fully. We see all of you. And we love you.  There is nothing you can’t do. There is nothing you do not have the potential to achieve. You are so much more than you have been taught to believe about yourself and your abilities and your power IN THIS LIFE.

We know you have been hearing this. We know you have been given this message. We also know that you do not fully know this. How can you when you still believe you are alone? How can you when you still believe you are what you have lived and the story you tell about your life? Your story is NOT who you are.

We see you. We know who you are. And you do too. Somewhere beneath the layers of conditioned beliefs, limitations, fears, pain, hurts, heartaches, suffering, thoughts of negativity of all kinds…. beneath all of that is the truth of YOU.  Which is nothing you have EVER known. Not in this story you continue to play out in the world. Not in this story you continue to use as your excuse to stay small and hide from the force you ARE.  Not in this story you continue to hide behind and play out for yourself over and over until you are nothing but a rat in a cage.

No, beloved. You do not know who you really are.

Some of you have gotten a taste. A glimpse.  A glimmer of the brightness and fullness of who you truly are. Some of you have made the decision to wake up and begin the journey of remembrance back to SELF.  Some of you…. but not all.

And even those who have chosen this path of self-realization have only gotten but a taste.  To whet your appetite. For to indulge in the full realization of YOU would overwhelm you to death. Literally.

You experience this in downloads. And meditations. And lightness of heart. And love. And you know what the overwhelm manifests as exhaustion, and aches, and dis-ease of all kind. Manageable and avoidable, but these are the tastes of your grandeur.

We wish you to know that we see you.  You are seen and loved and protected and honored.

Do not focus on your folly, dear one.  Do not focus on your mistakes and foibles and inabilities and limitations.

Honor them as an indicator of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going.  ONLY this. They are not excuses for you to give up and dim yourself and degrade yourself and put guilt and shame on yourself.

No. NO.  Honor them as indicators only. Not as points of judgement and condemnation. For we do not judge and condemn you.

We honor and love you.  We support you in your growth, on your journey back to you.  Back home to YOU.

And so it is.

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