A Father’s Day Message

The following post is something I wrote last year (2016) but didn’t post.  I feel the call now to post and share this.  It will be the first of several messages I will be sharing about Divine Masculine and his experience on this planet thus far. *** The angst and cynicism in the beginning was me.  Last year.  And it is still sometimes the voice I choose.  But today, I share it for release, and to maintain the whole picture I meant to paint when I first wrote this. Always In love. <3

Today is Father’s Day.  At least in this part of the world it is.  Traditionally, we call our fathers; we tell them we love them; we do something special for them to symbolize our love and appreciation for them.  We give much focus on this day to the care and celebration of the fathers in our lives.

My first instinct, being the rebel I am, is to resist this day (much like my first impulse about Mother’s Day). I would tell myself, and the universe, that this is just another ordinarily shitty day.  It is just another marker in time, 364 days in the future from last year’s Father’s Day. It is just a commercial holiday created by corporations to get us ordinary folk to spend our money on things we don’t need, and in time often become meaningless.

And yet, something stirred in me days ago.

This year’s Father’s Day falls in the energy and light of the full moon.  The “official” full moon is not until tomorrow, but the energy has been present and building for days.  I had a knowing that this Father’s Day was going to be a different kind of marker.  A LIVING marker of the awakening of the divine masculine into this world in the light of the feminine moon. It is time that we become even more intentional in healing ourselves, and releasing the old programming about what a MAN is and therefore what a WOMAN is.

Our ideas about what it means to be a male or female in this world are old and stale and outdated and no longer serving the world in LOVE.  Our stereotypes, and standards, and rules and limitation surrounding gender and sexuality, and in turn WHO WE ARE AT A CORE DEEP LEVEL are no longer needed and are to be released for good.

The hate and judgement and fear and pain that are tied to these old beliefs are called to be released as well.

To release is to open up to the truth of who we truly are. And who we truly are is everything you see.  The world is a reflection of you, and that includes the seen and unseen.

The Earth and humanity is calling for transformation.  Just as the trees and plants have made their transformation to openness and realization of their full essense; and the rabbits and squirrels and birds have in their own way come alive, and the butterflies have begun to leave their cocoons to complete their transformation, we too shall transform into our true essence:  LIGHT.

Ask the angels and your spirit guides who ALWAYS only want nothing more than to love you and guide you towards remembering the love you ARE.

Invoke the energy of June’s Honey Moon – the energy of transformation and abundance – knowing that you are safe to desire and manifest your dreams.  You are fully supported in dreaming your dreams, and bringing the energy of your desired future into the present.  Know that though it may seem like time is moving at an uncomfortable pace, all is as it should be.

Honor the sacred masculine.  The divine male essence that is necessary for balance in this world is that of the Sun Wolf – of the protector, of safety, of strength and power, of passion, of motivation, of logic and intellect, of love, of spark.

Our planet needs these qualities right now.  The world needs the divine masculine to awaken and stand up for the injustices in the world.  To support the feminine side by side.  To put an end to hate, greed, separation, control, -isms of all kinds.  To love the world as the sacred father.  For the “other” you see before you is no other at all.  They are you.  You are one.  And remembering this is only the beginning of achieving balance. <3


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