Do not be discouraged

Dearest One,

Do not be discouraged.  The thing you desire is not beyond your reach.  The thing you desire is, in fact, so close you are missing it.

We humans get fixated on specific objects and people and places and we demand that life provide us with our heart’s and mind’s desires in the thing, person, or place we determine is best for us.  Not only that, we often demand that we get what we want when and how we want it.

The trouble with this is that more often than not we are asking, demanding, wanting, and desiring from a place of fear.  Or lack. Or desperation.  Or depression.  Or anxiety. Or hopelessness.

We do not realize that from those states of being we cannot possibly attract what we are wanting. We can only attract more of what we are not wanting.  More to confirm these unwanted states of being.

We know this is a difficult reality to grasp. We know this is a difficult reality to accept.  We know this is a difficult reality to really stand in and make NEW moves from. We want to resist this because it means doing work.  And many of us feel tired and exhausted and confused and simply ready for something good to happen to us.

That, however, is the key.  Things that appear to happen “to us” do not actually happen “to us.”  Rather life brings forth  into our reality that which we are calling forth through our vibrational state, through our energy field, through our thoughts and emotions and ways of being.

The law of attraction IS how the Universe works. We are magnetic and receptive beings.  We put out energy frequencies and we get back energy frequencies in kind.

If you feel anxious and worried and scared, you will receive more experiences and opportunities to feel anxious and worried and scared.

If you feel calm and joy and love, you will receive more experiences and opportunities to feel calm and joy and love.

So, dear one, we understand that from this place you stand and ask these questions about this thing, this person, this situation – we understand that you want answers, you want results, you want to know that something good is happening because it may feel like the opposite.

Be assured that in your asking you are sending out vibrations of desire which are creating vibrations of FULFILLMENT of those desires.  You only need to step into a vibrational state of receptivity to receive the answers to your prayers.  And that requires TRUST and PATIENCE and LOVE and POSITIVITY.

It means trusting that the Universe, Great Spirit, you Higher Self, all your loved ones in Spirit – it all wants you to experience pleasure and love and abundance and ALL good things.

It means allowing time for yourself to reprogram.  To shift from experiences and vibrations of anxiety, and fear, and negativity, into experiences and vibrations of peace, and love, and positivity.

It means LOVING yourself because you are loved and loveable and worthy of all you desire.  And it means trusting that THAT love you allow yourself to experience for YOUrself and YOUR life will, WILL, create a vortex of positive vibration that will attract into your life those things you have been desiring and will continue to do so.

To attract love, you must to vibrate love.

To attract abundance, you must to vibrate abundance.

To attract peace, you must vibrate peace.

And so on.

Look not to your current reality for confirmation of life’s inability to provide to you what you want.  Instead- Look to your current reality as an indicator of how you’ve been operating in life thus far.  And then do the work of reprogramming. Of forgiveness and acceptance and healing and seeing the beauty in the ashes.

And then focus your attention on finding the joys, the beauty, the light, the flutters of hope and love that CURRENTLY EXIST in your life.

Focus so much attention on THOSE things- the tiny and the massive- that you forget the “lack” of what you desire in your life.  You focus so much on the beauty and joy and love already in your life that one day you realize that little by little, and then bigger by bigger, things start coming into your life that further expand your experience of beauty and joy and love.  Little by little – then bigger by bigger- life brings into your Reality all the answers to your prayers, and responses to your desires.  You realize that momentum has been building and now you can barely stop the inflow of goodness into your life.

This all begins with YOU.

You are so very loved.

In light and love and all the goodness of the world.

And so it is.



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