Awakening Royalty

Here’s the thing…

You are royalty.

If you are reading this then it probably means you have access to things like a computer, a phone, a tablet, some kind of electronic device.  Which means you have access to electricity and internet.  Which means you probably also have access to water and an indoor toilet.  And food.  And shelter.  They could be “yours,” or simply be there for you to use by virtue of your living breath.

You are royalty.

Your children.  They most likely know little of physical deprivation.  When they were but a spark you worried you would not be able to provide them with the comfort and beauty you knew they deserved.  You wanted the best for them and prepared diligently for their entrance into this world.  Registries.  Baby Showers.  Nesting.  It all occurred with an ideal childhood in mind and intention.

Most children you see and know want for nothing.  They want, of course.  But they don’t actually want for material things.  They have enough food.  They have enough clothes.  They have enough warmth and comfort.  Most of them have three times their share of toys and things to play with.

Your children are Royalty.  Princes and Princesses of a Kingdom that knows not its worth.  We shower our children with gifts on their birthday.  With gifts on Christmas.  With gifts for no reason at all.  We shower them with fairy tales that promise riches and abundance and dreams coming true. We’ve done this for a couple generations now.  And now, THESE children live a world of immediate gratification.  They live in a world of big box stores full of cheap everything.  Dollar stores full of even cheaper everything.  Amazon and Wish and InterWeb shops with next day delivery.

Take a breath.  And then take that in.  We can even order food online to be shipped within 48 hours.

We are Royalty.

We want for nothing.  Everything is literally at our finger tips.  Except we do want.  And what we want is nothing you can buy at a store.  What we want is nothing you can buy online.  What we want is nothing someone else can give us.

Our riches and abundance and dreams coming true, for those of you “wealthy” enough to read this, can’t be held in our hands.  In fact, our hands are too full.  Too full to hold any more.

Take a breath.  and then ask yourself, “Where am I feeling empty?”  More than likely, your answer will not be in your hands.  Your answer will not be in your belly.  Your answer will not even be found through looking with your eyes.

We are Royalty, you see.  Our hands are full.  Our bellies are full.  Our riches lie at our feet.  Every single day.  It’s time to open up our eyes –  our EYE – to the truth that is.  We are royalty.  And we have forgotten this.  So we have scurried, and hustled, and worked, to remember that we are provided for.  That we are capable.  That we ARE Royalty.

The part that we haven’t realized yet is that our riches, our abundance, our dreams coming true, our gold was never something to obtain, or attain.  It was never APART from us.  We never NOT had it.  It was never something to HAVE.  It has been and always will be intrinsic to life.  It has and always will be something within.  It has been and always will be something to be UN-covered.  Rediscovered.  Remembered.  Unveiled.  And so it is.

We are Royalty.  Beyond comprehension.
It’s time, Dear Queens and Kings and Princesses and Princes, to wake up.  Your Kingdom awaits you.

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