Spirit Message – May 20, 2017

Hello Beloved.

When we come to you, we come in strong.  With so much love.  So much gratitude.  So much appreciation.  For YOU.  We want you to know that you know that you know, within the depths of your being, that you are beyond capability.  Beyond limitation.  Simply Beyond.

We know you hear and read and come across so many of the same messages. The main point is almost always the same:  You are enough.  You are powerful. You are all you’ve ever wanted to be.  And we know, also, that you often come across these messages when you are not in a space to receive them.

You hear that you are strong when you feel weak.

You hear that you are enough when you feel inadequate.

You hear that you are powerful when you feel powerless.

You hear that you are never alone when you feel lonely.

You hear that you are LOVED when you feel unlovable.

We understand that these contrasts sometimes confuse you.  After all, how can you be and have these qualities when most of the time your experience is quite the opposite?

We assure you, beloved, that you experience this contrast NOT for suffering and pain, but instead for awakening to the truth that is you.  The Contrast between your perceived experience and the truth we present to you in all moments serves as a catalyst for your remembrance of YOU.

That sounds nice and deep and esoteric and BEYOND. And it is.  But we invite you to consider that it is as plain as it is intricate.  It is as simple as it is deep.  It is as NOW as it is BEYOND.

We will continue to speak to you.  We will continue to strum the strings of your heart.  We will continue to reach out to you because you are everything.  We are you and “our” existence is as tied to YOU as it is tied to ourselves.  We will continue for we understand that the fate of the world depends on individual understanding of TRUE worth, power, and LOVE.  We will continue because no other “cause” is as important as this.

We will continue forever and always to love you, and to implore to you your value in that love.  All that is required from you is to breathe in the possibilities.  Be open.  Be curious.  Be open.  And breathe in the possibilities.  For through an open heart, truth and love and light and infinity can enter.

In love, Always.

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