Spirit Message – May 10, 2017

Hello Beloved.  Have you felt your SELF today?  Have you checked in with YOU yet today?  Have you taken a deep cleansing breath, closed your eyes, and asked yourself “What do I need today?”

These things are not luxury.  These simple gestures are not trite, nor useless, nor only for the “spiritual.”  These things are necessary for your wellbeing.  To love and appreciate yourself in this physical body is a requirement to create the life you desire.  Indeed YOU are the only compass from which to gauge your proximity to your desires.  YOU are the only one who can tell when you are “there.”  YOU are the only one who will be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your intentions and manifestations.

You must remember that YOU are the ONE.  YOU are the one you have been waiting for this entire time.  YOU are the one you look to the heavens to for answers.  And indeed YOU are the one who holds those answers.
You often seek outside yourself for answers, for guidance, for direction, for assistance and support. And you are wise in doing so.  For this world in which you live is a part of you.  You are a part of it.  Indeed LIFE is a whole of which YOU are an integral piece.  However, you have taken this seeking outside yourself to a point of attachment to OUTward influence at the expense of your INward guidance.

Today is a new day. Today you need not do things as you did them yesterday.  Today you can completely change your life.  And this change can come with a simple tweak in your thoughts.  A simple conscious adjustment in your emotions.  A simple shift in your actions as you step out into YOUR world.

What you have been told is untrue.  The truth is that you ARE the center of the UNIVERSE. You are the most important person in your world. YOU are the only powerful being within it.  That will take time for many of you to understand or accept.  But it is the truth.  The false truth you have believed has made you forget your POWER.  It has made you believe you are powerless.  That you must look to others for your needs.  That you cannot accomplish great things.  Please know, if anything, that you are exceptionally more powerful than you will ever know.

If you desire change in  your life, in your world, YOU must be the change.  You must do the work.  You will get answers, guidance, support, and direction from this way and that way and even from within.  But no one can take the steps for you.  No one can make the moves, or implement the solutions, or turn the wheel.  YOU must do the work.  Believe in YOURself.  Believe in YOUR worth.  Believe in YOU. Because you ARE.  And then do the work.  You can and indeed you will if you desire it.

You are so loved.  So supported.  So deserving.  Take a look in the mirror today and say “I love you. I believe in you.  I am here.  For YOU. What do you need today, Beloved?”  Hear the answer.  Then answer the call.  You need you.  Take a deep breath, feel the love of the UNIVERSE in your heart, full and warm and illuminated in LOVE.  And take care of YOU. The world needs THAT above all.
In love and truth.  Always.

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