Spirit Message – May 7, 2017

Good Day, Beloved.
For today, we simply ask you to be open to the truth of who you are.
You are Love.
You are Wisdom.
You are Power.
You are Beauty.
You are Perfection.
You are Truth.
There is nothing you cannot do.  You will resist this in some parts of you, and we understand this.  Just allow it to settle into your being.  Allow integration of truth.  You need not believe it, or feel, or know it just yet.  Simply be aware of the existence of the IDEA.  Because, beloved, sometimes the idea is enough of a seed.  In fact, quite more often than not, the idea is THE seed.
So enjoy your day today.  Open to beauty and it will find it’s way to you.  Open to love and it will come to you.  Open to peace and a light HEART and it will be.  Know you are so loved.  So adored.  And so deserving.  Because it is.  Always.
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