Spirit Message – May 6, 2017

Good Day, Beloved.
This day is the first of your life.
Sit with that a moment.  Allow the truth of that statement to ring the bell of your heart.  There will be resistance in many of you, for you have come to form the belief that you are tethered so tightly to your past choices and actions and thoughts and beliefs.  The truth is that this is simply not true, you see.
You are tethered only to the thoughts and beliefs and feelings you choose to  be tethered to.  In truth there is no tether.  You are free, in all ways, in all moments.
You are so free, you see beloved, that you are free to choose bondage.  And many of you do.  You are so loved.  Many of you choose bondage because the conditions you “find yourself in” seem to illustrate a state of bondage and victimhood.  What you see in the world around you is instance after instance, evidence upon evidence that you are trapped in a mad world.  You are under the rule of forces beyond your control. And the way you see it, these forces are anything but of a benevolent nature.
If you allow yourself to step back, to step up and out of this illusion you will be able to glimpse the truth.  Yes, there are forces beyond your control operating your world.  Yes, there are events occurring that many of you would rather not see or believe are occurring.  Yes, many of your are experiencing suffering and pain.  There is more.
You are also very much more than what you see.  YOU are also very much more than your emotions.  You are also very much more than your thoughts and feelings and experiences of powerlessness.  IN fact, the TRUTH of who you are is POWER. You are power.  You have within you a well-spring of health, wellbeing, power, light, love and all the things you have ever wanted to see and be in the world.  THAT is the truth.
Because of this thing, and that thing, and this person and that person, you have been made to believe almost everything the opposite of what is actually truth.  However, despite these programs and ideas and false beliefs and rules and laws you are endlessly presented with at any moment, there lies within you a spark of universal wisdom.  And it has and will always be there for you to access.
Because of this spark, you have come to this place now.  You have come to the point where you have a feeling, a knowing. Maybe it’s large and overwhelming. Maybe it’s small and but a whisper.  But either way you are increasingly aware of it.  And this is what we ask you to pay attention to now.
What you pay your attention to grows, you see.  And the more you pay attention to the inner wisdom inside you, the more you pay attention to the intuitive messages, and signs, and signals, the more you will come to really understand the truth of who you are.
Take this lightly.  Have fun with it.  Be easy with it.  Force and seriousness and heaviness will only serve to make the process feel burdensome.  It will make the process feel resistant.  And you may find yourself judging yourself for things you simply need not judge.
Rather, be playful.  Be forgiving.  Be brave.  Face the fear of the unknown, which is simply the fear of truth.  Which is not a reality.  For truth can only enlighten and free you.
You are so loved.  You are protected.  You are safe to explore your inner wisdom.  INdeed it is the only way to step into the FREEDOM that you seek.
In love and truth, Always.
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