Why I am leading Explore Your Power

So, I was doing some prep work and market planning for an upcoming class and I started thinking about WHY I was doing all of this.  Why was I putting so much energy, time, thought and planning on this project?  What about it is so important to me and my sense of purpose and mission?  Why is it important and what’s the point? So, I put aside the planning and decided to do an impromptu interview. Of myself.  Actually it was only one question, but I am so awesome at explaining things that I answered many questions in one.

Me:  Jessica, why have you decided to lead Explore Your Power?

Jessica (also me): I went to a spirit circle recently with a very intuitive friend of mine.  In the course of the time there my friend was asked if she sensed spirits and energy, and she replied with a genuinely curious, ” I don’t know”- I think hoping someone would tell her. And she had just got done saying how she suddenly felt warm on one side of her body after someone else noticed an energetic shift in that direction.  I gave her a look and said out loud, “Duh!”

Many people are like my friend.  They have very natural intuitive gifts which have usually just become a part of the person’s personality and way of being in the world.  It is often not thought of in any particular way, and the intuitive often doesn’t realize that he/she has any “gifts” worthy of note or power.

I myself often wonder what people like my husband must think of me and my passion for delving deeply into my intuitive and spiritual abilities.  He is very intuitive himself but he has no real interest in actively learning how to fine tune those types of abilities.  He’d much rather delve into music or art or work on something mechanical.  Something practical.  So I often wonder myself:

  • What is the point of learning about intuition and extra sensory perception and the rest?
  • What are the benefits of deciding to explore and practice our natural intuitive abilities?

The point of learning about intuition and spiritual ability lies in one’s personal desire for an enhanced quality of life.  We have been socialized over a course of thousands of years to fear, deny, resist, and ignore our natural, innate, and potentially world-changing abilities. Observe a baby and the pure, innocent, joyful and awe-filled LIFE in their eyes. The don’t even have to be mobile for it to be apparent that that little baby is filled with an energy that is life-affirming and vital.  We are ALL born with that potent energy.  Mix in cultural and societal norms and belief systems and we find ourselves far removed from our full range of human potential.

The point of learning anything is to expand. To grow. To evolve. To open up our points of reach and influence and love.  I believe the point of everything is for life to experience life, in all its fullest and richest and truest forms.  We have so much to learn and experience, and once you decide in which direction you will commit your energy (ie. towards love or towards fear), you will be better able to co-create with Life and actively participate in its unfolding before your eyes.  You will access your power.

The point is Love, Truth, Safety, Freedom and Power.  Those are the energies at work here.  If you allow them to indeed work.

Some of the benefits to opening up your intuitive potential are:

  • You will gain more confidence in your decision-making ability.
  • You will begin to make choices that are thoughtful and in alignment with your desired reality.
  • You will begin to more easily notice patterns in your thinking or behavior that have caused you (in the past) to experience pain, thereby healing the past, the present AND the future.
  • You will begin to see how your present is intricately connected to both the past and the future.
  • You will begin to see how your ideas unfold and manifest into reality.
  • You will build a greater foundation for self-knowledge and understanding.
  • You will feel more connected to your SELF and SOURCE.
  • You will feel clearer on your passions and purpose.
  • You will open up new doors of possibilities.

These may all seem very fluffy and hypothetical and philosophical.  And mostly, they are.  However, as with any type of inner work, committing to getting to know how to use your intuition is a process.  It’s an expansion of awareness which is ever-expanding.  Forever. Yet there are very real, tangible, practical and desired results that come from this work.  Results are often subtle and only visible to the person exploring his/her power, but THAT is the point.  Awareness of the process and the magic at work in every moment.  And THEN the ability to reach your hands into the mix and start working the magic yourself.

So, I suggest simply starting where you are at.  Get to know you as you are right now. Identify your strengths.  Notice your not-so-strong parts.  Pick abilities you want to learn more about and practice them. Find people to practice with and share your ideas and insights with. Continue to check-in on your WHY– the reason you feel called to do this type of work.  And that doesn’t have to be elaborate.  And you don’t even have to know why.  Maybe you simply have a “feeling.” 😉 Trust that.  And journey on.

Try an Explore Your Power class, contact me, or join Integrated Soul Work (closed group) on Facebook for more information about Intuition and Soul Gifts.


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