Why you have spiritual gifts even if you don’t think you do.

Okay, my love.  I have news for you.  You are an intuitive.  What that means is that you have intuitive abilities that you can use to actually enhance your life.

You are beginning to realize that your “extrasensory” experiences are beginning to be too much to ignore.  Yes, you are becoming more aware of your innate abilities, and you are allowing yourself to dive deeper into your own personal inner-knowing.

Now depending on your current perspective, you may be on the spectrum from knowing without a shadow of a doubt that there are such things as Unicorns and Dragons SOMEWHERE in the world –  Narnia maybe, but a parallel dimension for sure –  to the certainty that the world is filled with evil and our job is to eradicate it, or join the dark side.  You are somewhere on that spectrum.

Most of us have some abilities that we may or may not be happy that we have.  A common “gift” that is often experienced as a burden is empathy.  The ability to tune into other people’s emotions and internal worlds is a matter of focusing one’s awareness much like tuning a radio.  We can consciously decide to tune into other people’s energy fields.  We can also consciously decide to stay within our own created energy fields.  Many people do not understand the ever-existent element of choice in their situations.  And the truth is that you do not have to understand it for it to be true.  The important part is acceptance and intending that from this moment on you will make decisions from a place of thoughtfulness, integrity, and love. Or don’t.

We have been raised in a society that is not very supportive of an intuitive  way of being in the world.  Being empathic is misunderstood as being overly “sensitive” and not strong enough to handle the jagged edges of the world.  The truth is that those of us who are the most sensitive are often the most “weathered” to tolerate and soften the harshness of the world.

WHATEVER it is you are looking for begins with You.

Many times we look for something outside of ourselves to make us feel better about our selves, or our lives.  There are many tools to choose from to help us feel more at peace and “at home” in our bodies on this planet, but many of them fall short because they lack the support of our confidence and trust in our individual personal power.

The truth is that everything you ever needed is within you; you just weren’t’ allowed to KNOW that until now. Allow yourself to know that you have every bit of knowledge you ever need within your being.  Your body has it’s own innate and living wisdom within each and every one of its’ cells.   You were not meant to live here and suffer.  You came here with the EXACT blueprint you needed to create a full, vibrant, loving and peace-giving life.

There is a scientific evidence that “like attracts like.” Let that be fuel enough for  you to consider that what I am saying is true. You wouldn’t be here, reading these words, if some part of you didn’t resonate with it.

What is your truth?  What are your gifts?  Do you see visions of dragons and mermaids?  Do you see faces of the dead who have left this world?  Do you feel other people’s feelings, and just “get” without logical reason their current emotional state? Do you intuitively understand symbology and dreams?  What kinds of things do you just “know”?

Play with it. Explore it. Set aside your prejudgments about “spiritual abilities” and dive into the infinite possibility that is YOU.  Or don’t  Just know that it’s always an option.

** If you’d like to know more about what your gifts are and how you can use them to create a life you love, consider Explore Your Power or some other Intuitive Development/Awareness class. Sometimes all you need is a little knowledge and support to open up big possibilities! **


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