Sometimes loving yourself means pushing yourself, and it doesn’t have to hurt.


Tonight I ran around like a crazy person from about 7-1030pm.  I spent literally an hour and 45 minutes cleaning up the living room and sorting through toys I just can’t bring myself to get rid of, and that somehow (yeah, by some magical force) happens to be spread out all across the room, spilling over into other adjacent areas.  All.  The.  Time.  All the time.

And of course I’m always the one cleaning them up.  And I’m always the one starting that endeavor by intending to throw out 90% of what I have to pick up and find a place for.  And I’m always the one actually only throwing away less than 1% of what is in that pile which happens to be garbage like wilted food; or pieces of broken plastic; or ripped up paper.

So I did that.  Again intending to fill a box with things I was simply done with allowing to occupy space in my house.  And again failing to fulfill that intention.

Jeremy got two-thirds of the kids bathed and ready for bed, and then we wrangled them all upstairs.  I then proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes sorting and folding laundry that has been in a huge pile for about 3 weeks.  It’s clean, but a HUGE pile.  And really it wasn’t going to go anywhere unless I did something about it.  No one else gives a shit.  Not until they have literally nothing to wear, which would be never because they would probably just recycle dirty clothes.  Or pick at the clean clothes pile in the basement.

By the time I was done with that I was done.  With everything. The kids and Jeremy were already in a people pile in the bed so I joined them.  I was tired.  So I gave in to it.  I resolved myself to find some solace in slumber.

And then something magical happened.  Everyone fell asleep.  Except me.  I moved to my way more comfortable king-sized bed in MY room with my phone; browsed my notifications and Periscope and then decided I wasn’t tired.  I decided I was awake and energized enough to write a post.  And maybe even do a late-night scope.  Maybe.

And here I am.  Loving myself.  I pushed myself earlier to get things done that needed to get done that I really REALLY didn’t want to do.  And now I get my reward.  Some alone time doing something I love.  I was so excited that I forgot to tread lightly in my slippery but comfy socks and slipped on the last stair going down.  But I’m fine.  It gave me pause though.  It was loud, but no one woke up.  I took a deep breath, threw out some gratitude for not being hurt, and went on my merry, loving my me-moment way.

How do you find unexpected moments to treat yourself to some love?  Are you interested in experiencing more of that? Join my Know Me Love Me 10 day Facebook Challenge starting February 8th.  Each day you’ll respond to a challenge designed to get you to a place of more You and loving it!


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