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Welcome Friends!

I know you because I know myself; and I love you because I love myself.

You have landed here to be reminded of who you are.

You are love.

You are beauty.

You are power.

We may not always feel that way but that does not change the truth.  Our most important mission in this life is to know and fully embody these truths, loving ourselves whole-heartedly.

I believe that self-care is not selfish.

As we work to care for others and the world, it is essential that we make the time to take care of ourselves.  By neglecting our own needs, our efforts to help and care for others becomes a burden, a stress, and a drain.  We burn out.  And we begin to resent those we love the most.

True self-care is life changing.

By making a committed decision to meet our own needs, and loving ourselves with simple, consistent, and intentional action steps, we can create profound change in ourselves and the world around us.

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5 Super Easy Self-Care Tips!

5 Super Easy Self-Care Tips

Now go do something to love yourself <3

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